By Country

  • United States: 67%
  • China: 6%
  • United Kingdom: 4%
  • Canada: 4%
  • Australia: 3%
  • Other: 16%

By U.S. Market

  • San Francisco / Oakland / San Jose: 24%
  • New York: 16%
  • Seattle / Tacoma: 8%
  • Los Angeles: 8%
  • Chicago: 5%
  • Washington DC: 4%
  • Boston MA / Manchester: 3%
  • Other: 32%

By Podcast Client

  • Apple Podcasts: 64%
  • Pocket Casts: 12%
  • Overcast: 11%
  • iTunes: 3%
  • Chrome: 1%
  • PodcastAddict: 1%
  • Stitcher: 1%
  • Other: 7%


Listener Age by Percentage


Listener Occupation by Percentage

Company Founders

Percentage who are Founders


Highest Level of Education

Highest Level of Education by Percentage


Sponsorship Impact

The first company to sponsor Acquired was a large financial institution. The sponsorship lasted 10 episodes over 6 months. At the end of the sponsorship, we asked our listeners to select from a list of options to describe the impact that it had on them.

  • 8 people (1.8% of survey respondents) said, “The sponsor is now my company’s bank, and Acquired had some impact on that.”
  • 68 people (15% of survey respondents) said, "I'm more likely to choose the sponsor as my company's bank in the future after hearing about them on Acquired”

Some of our listeners left free-form responses, including the following:

  • “Applied for a role at the sponsor because of the ad”
  • "As an investor in public equities, it has made me more confident in my pick of the sponsor."
  • "I think you do a really good job with having the ads be a informative part of the show. As the founder of a small company, it showcases their depth and breadth of knowledge.”
  • "The sponsor was already our bank, great team there.”
  • "Already banked w the sponsor but makes me like them even more”