About the Show

Acquired tells the stories and strategies of great companies.

The show has been ranked the #1 Technology show on Apple Podcasts, and has built a passionate audience with a 5-star rating across thousands of reviews since 2015. New episodes β€” which are better described as "conversational audiobooks" β€” are now downloaded by over 300,000 unique listeners in the first 180 days. The show has an estimated 400,000+ monthly listeners across all podcast players.

Acquired is a depth-first podcast; episodes are often 3-4 hours long. See Fast Company’s recent 3600-word profile of Acquired for a full history and overview of the show and Ben & David's journey.

Episodes occasionally feature guests, such as the founders/CEOs of Twitter, Zoom, Atari, Electronic Arts, Sequoia Capital, Venmo, Mozilla, Digg, Oaktree, CAA, Spotify, Uber, and all five Benchmark partners.

If you're interested in sponsoring an upcoming season, drop us a line.

"I love your podcast. I'm probably in for 50 hours."
- Dan Shapero, COO, LinkedIn

"Big fan of the show. I'm a paying Acquired LP."
- Garry Tan, CEO, Y Combinator and Founder, Initialized Capital

"You understand. You actually do your homework and you have a sophisticated understanding of the intricacies. You're like the Stratechery of podcasting."
- Kevin Hartz, Co-Founder and Chariman of Eventbrite

"I loved your two-part a16z series. It's spectacular. Just awesome."
- Brian Koppelman, co-creator, "Billions", "Rounders"

"That was a great interview. You guys are very talented."
‍- Kara Swisher, The New York Times

"I've become a genuine fan of the Acquired podcast."
- Joseph Gordon-Levitt

"I realized my favorite thing about @AcquiredFM isn’t the depth or breadth. It’s the fact that @gilbert and @djrosent are FANS, and not too cool to flaunt it. It’s awesome to just be a fan of something. We need more of that energy."
‍- Shu Nyatta, SoftBank (@snyatta)

"Current obsession: The @AcquiredFM podcast. Each episode feels like a crash course in business reporting."
- Ben Mullin, WSJ

The Audience

Listeners are Entrepreneurial

  • 71% work in the technology industry
  • 40% of Acquired listeners are C-level or VP-level executives.
  • 45% work at a startup (privately-held, high-growth)
  • 23% are currently company founders (plus an additional 12% were previously)
  • 44% aspire to be a company founder in the future

Listeners are Technical and are Often CEOs

By Global Geography

  • 69% primarily English-speaking countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia/NZ)
  • 12% Rest of Europe
  • 15% Asia
  • 4% Rest of World

By U.S. Market

  • 24% Bay Area
  • 11% New York
  • 8% Los Angeles
  • 7% Seattle
  • 4% Boston
  • 4% Chicago
  • 42% Other

Sponsors Include

Sponsorship Impact

β€œWe've been blown away by the quality and attention to detail of your read-outs, and the amount enthusiasm we're hearing from the Acquired community. We'd be very interested in partnering again on future seasons.”
- Travis Hedge, Co-Founder, Vouch (Season 8 Sponsor, returned for 10 & 12)
β€œI really can't say enough about how great this year's sponsorship was. I remember y'all saying that your hope was to make it more than worth the price, and that certainly was the case for us.”
- Jon Carden, CMO, Fundrise (Sponsor of Season 9, returned for Season 11)
β€œWhen I was doing this [$100m] fundraise, many investors said that they heard about us from Acquired podcast. Great great job and big fan!!”

- Tom Okman, Co-Founder and CEO, Nord Security (Sponsor of Season 9)‍

After a well-known business bank that focuses on technology companies sponsored the show, we asked 688 of our listeners to describe the sponsorship impact:

  • 23% (155) of respondents answered, β€œI'm more likely to choose [sponsor] as my company's bank in the future after hearing about them on Acquired”
  • An additional 20% (133) of respondents answered, β€œI'm not sure if I'm any more likely to choose [sponsor] as my company's bank or not, but I do look more favorably on the company now”
  • A full 22 people (3.2%) answered, β€œMy company is a client of [sponsor], and Acquired had some impact on that.”


Some of our favorite quotes:

  • β€œWhen founding a new startup, I used [sponsor] specifically because of Acquired.”
  • β€œMost podcasts who have sponsors suck. The ones showcased here are actually appropriate and have good insights.”
  • β€œI really think that this has elevated [sponsor] for me. Honestly, they weren't on my radar previously. Their longevity with the show also says a lot.” (From a former VP of a Fortune 500 company)
  • β€œYou guys do a great job of presenting them in an intriguing way, that caused me to do more research on their company.”
  • β€œI love that the Q&A is relevant to startups. This is one of the few podcasts where I actually listen to the sponsors rather than skipping ahead.” (From the Head of Marketing at a startup)
  • β€œI really trust the sponsors that David and Ben bring in. I would be much more likely to pay attention to this endorsement as compared to a larger podcast network.”

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