About the Show

Acquired tells the stories of great companies.

The show began in 2015 as Ben and David's passion project to explore what made great acquisitions successful. It quickly outgrew its name, expanding beyond corporate transactions to chronicle and analyze the entire journey of enduring institutions.

The show reaches more than 160,000 unique listeners every month, and has received over five million downloads. It has been ranked the #1 Technology show on Apple Podcasts, and has built a passionate audience with a 5-star rating across hundreds of reviews.

Episodes occasionally feature guests, such as the founders/CEOs of Twitter, Atari, Electronic Arts, Sequoia Capital, Eventbrite, Venmo, Recode, Superhuman, Digg, Solana, FTX, and CAA.

"That was a great interview. You guys are very talented."
‍- Kara Swisher, The New York Times, and Co-Founder of Recode

"This is why we want to be on the Acquired podcast β€” because you understand. You actually do your homework and you have a sophisticated understanding of the intricacies. You're like the Stratechery of podcasting."
- Kevin Hartz, Co-Founder and Chariman of Eventbrite

"Big fan of the show. I'm a paying Acquired LP."
- Garry Tan, Founder and Managing Partner, Initialized Capital

"I found a really interesting new podcast for the first time in a while: @AcquiredFM. They tell the story of a business in a way that teaches you a ton about the landscape around it."
‍- Patrick OShaughnessy, Invest Like the Best (@patrick_oshag)

"Current obsession: The @AcquiredFM podcast. Each episode feels like a crash course in business reporting."
‍- Ben Mullin, WSJ (@BenMullin)

The Audience

Listeners are Entrepreneurial

  • 60% work at a technology company
  • 55% work at a startup (privately-held, high-growth)
  • 23% are currently company founders
  • 15% were previously company founders
  • 52% aspire to be a company founder in the future

Listeners are Technical and are Often CEOs

Breakdown by primary job function:‍

By Global Geography

  • 69% primarily English-speaking countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia/NZ)
  • 12% Rest of Europe
  • 15% Asia
  • 4% Rest of World

By U.S. Market

  • 24% Bay Area
  • 11% New York
  • 8% Los Angeles
  • 7% Seattle
  • 4% Boston
  • 4% Chicago
  • 42% Other

Previous Sponsors Include

Sponsorship Impact

After one season, we asked 688 of our listeners to describe the sponsorship impact:

  • 23% (155) of respondents answered, β€œI'm more likely to choose [sponsor] as my company's [provider] in the future after hearing about them on Acquired”
  • An additional 20% (133) of respondents answered, β€œI'm not sure if I'm any more likely to choose [sponsor] as my company's [provider] or not, but I do look more favorably on the company now”
  • A full 22 people (3.2%) answered, β€œMy company is a client of [sponsor], and Acquired had some impact on that.”


Some of our favorite quotes:

  • β€œWhen founding a new startup, I [used sponsor] specifically because of Acquired.”
  • β€œMost podcasts who have sponsors suck. The ones showcased here are actually appropriate and have good insights.”
  • β€œI like that the way that the [sponsor]marketing is done doesn’t feel like they’re trying to sell. It feels like the [sponsor] reps are providing insights and are friendly/accessible. As an employee of a [provider], it makes me wish I worked for a [provider] like [sponsor].”
  • β€œI really think that this has elevated [sponsor] for me. Honestly, they weren't on my radar previously. Their longevity with the show also says a lot.” (From a former VP of a Fortune 500 company)
  • β€œYou guys do a great job of presenting them in an intriguing way, that caused me to do more research on their company.”
  • β€œI love that the Q&A is relevant to startups. This is one of the few podcasts where I actually listen to the sponsors rather than skipping ahead.” (From the Head of Marketing at a startup)
  • β€œI really trust the sponsors that David and Ben bring in. I would be much more likely to pay attention to this endorsement as compared to a larger podcast network.”
  • β€œMy company was already an [sponsor] client, but now they seem somehow cooler.”

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