About the Show

Acquired tells the stories and strategies of great companies.

Acquired is the #1 Technology show on Apple Podcasts and Spotify (and a top 30 show across all categories). Each episode reaches over 800,000 listeners. The Wall Street Journal writes, "By turning case studies into cinematic spectacles, they have built the business world’s favorite podcast."

Acquired is a depth-first show. Episodes are 3-4 hours long, and are better described as "conversational audiobooks"Β than "podcasts."

‍Episodes occasionally feature guests, such as the founders/CEOs of NVIDIA, Berkshire Hathaway, Starbucks, Spotify, Uber, Twitter, Atari, Electronic Arts, Zoom, Mozilla, Oaktree, CAA, Sequoia Capital, and all five Benchmark partners.

Sponsorship: If you're interested in partnering with Acquired, you can find audience and package information here, and contact Ben and David here.

"It's hard to stop once you start listening."
- Eddy Cue, SVP Services, Apple

"I love your podcast. I'm probably in for 80 hours."
- Dan Shapero, COO, LinkedIn
"I recommend you guys to friends and to colleagues all the time. You guys have nailed an important set of stories to tell in a format that works for serious audiences that care about how we got here in tech."
‍- Chris Cox, Chief Product Officer, Meta

"Big fan of the show. I'm a paying Acquired LP."
- Garry Tan, CEO, Y Combinator

"Even if it’s a topic I don’t necessarily know that I’m interested in, I’ll give it a shot because it’s you guys. I trust you."
- Daniel Ek, CEO and Co-Founder, Spotify
"You do an amazing job. You do your research."
‍- Jensen Huang, CEO and Founder, NVIDIA
"I have so much trust in your podcast β€” you guys are so good. It's so accurate. It is really remarkable; somehow you're able to tell a story that is actually as close to true as true exists."
- Mitch Lasky, General Partner, Benchmark (and Board Member, Riot, Snap, and Discord)
"I've become a genuine fan of the Acquired podcast."- Joseph Gordon-Levitt

"Your podcast is outstanding, and your episode on Costco brilliant."
‍- Frank Blake, Former CEO of The Home Depot and Chairman, Delta Airlines

The Audience

Listeners are Entrepreneurial

  • 71% work in the technology industry
  • 40% of Acquired listeners are C-level or VP-level executives.
  • 45% work at a startup (privately-held, high-growth)
  • 23% are currently company founders (plus an additional 12% were previously)
  • 44% aspire to be a company founder in the future

Listeners are Technical Executives, and Often CEOs

By Global Geography

  • 69% primarily English-speaking countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia/NZ)
  • 12% Rest of Europe
  • 15% Asia
  • 4% Rest of World

By U.S. Market

  • 24% Bay Area
  • 11% New York
  • 8% Los Angeles
  • 7% Seattle
  • 4% Boston
  • 4% Chicago
  • 42% Other

Sponsors Include

Sponsorship Impact

β€œWe've been blown away by the quality of Acquired read-outs and the amount enthusiasm we've heard from the Acquired community.

During our H1 2022 sponsorship, 58 companies became customers after hearing about Vouch from podcasts. Acquired was our only paid podcast placement in that period. Acquired created hundreds of qualified leads, and generated positive ROI even before accounting for brand impact and long-tail conversion.

In my opinion, if you’re going to invest in podcasts and sell to the technology community, there is no better place to do it than Acquired. We view Acquired as a long-term partnership.”
- Travis Hedge, Co-Founder, Vouch (Season 8 Sponsor, returned for 10 & 12)

Listener Quotes:

  • β€œWhen founding a new startup, I used [sponsor] specifically because of Acquired.”
  • β€œI really think that this has elevated [sponsor] for me. Honestly, they weren't on my radar previously. Their longevity with the show also says a lot.” (From a former VP of a Fortune 500 company)
  • β€œYou guys do a great job of presenting them in an intriguing way, that caused me to do more research on their company.”
  • β€œI really trust the sponsors that David and Ben bring in. I would be much more likely to pay attention to this endorsement as compared to a larger podcast network.”

More info on sponsorship here.

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