The Acquired Audience

Acquired has over two million downloads.
Each episode is downloaded by over 40,000 people within 30 days of release.

What do Acquired listeners do for a living?

  • 61% work at a technology company
  • 39% work at a privately-funded startup
  • 33% are currently, or have been founders
  • 73% of those who are not a founder aspire to be a founder some day

Where do they live?

By Country

  • United States: 60%
  • United Kingdom: 7%
  • Canada: 5%
  • Australia: 3%
  • India: 2%
  • Germany: 2%
  • China: 2%
  • Other: 19%

By U.S. Market

  • San Francisco / Oakland / San Jose: 23%
  • New York: 13%
  • Washington DC: 9%
  • Los Angeles: 8%
  • Seattle / Tacoma: 8%
  • Chicago: 4%
  • Boston MA / Manchester: 3%
  • Dallas / Ft. Worth: 2%
  • Other: 30%

By Podcast Client

  • Apple Podcasts: 43%
  • Overcast: 16%
  • Breaker: 7%
  • iTunes: 7%
  • Spotify: 6%
  • Pocket Casts: 5%
  • Chrome: 2%
  • Castbox: 2%
  • Google Podcasts: 2%
  • PodcastAddict: 1%
  • Stitcher: 1%
  • Other: 8%

Sponsorship Impact

Acquired reaches a valuable audience of founders, product managers, engineers, and venture capitalists.

Season 4 was sponsored by Perkins Coie, a leading law firm that works with technology companies. At the end of the sponsorship, we asked 722 of our listeners to select from a list of options to describe the impact that it had on them.

  • 22% (159) of respondents answered, “I'm more likely to choose Perkins Coie as my company's counsel in the future after hearing about them on Acquired”
  • An additional 22.6% (163) of respondents answered, “I'm not sure if I'm any more likely to choose Perkins Coie as my company counsel or not, but I do look more favorably on the company now”
  • 5 (0.7%) of survey respondents answered, “My company isn't a client of Perkins Coie, but I did reach out to them because I heard them on Acquired”
  • 3 (0.4%) of survey respondents answered, “My company is a client of Perkins Coie, and Acquired had some impact on that.” These respondents included a venture capitalist, a founder, and machine learning engineer at a recent public company.

Some of our listeners left free-form responses, including the following:

  • "The ads aren’t intrusive or annoying at all. I’ve liked the ad format that some episodes had where the sponsor has been presented through a question-answer format"
  • "Love learning from the ad reads. I'd listen to a full episode."
  • "Best sponsorship type I've heard on podcasts. So relevant."
  • "The ad style is probably the only one via podcast I don't skip"
  • "Some of the best podcast sponsorship out there. Love the relevant mini interview at the start of the episode. It presents Perkins Coie as knowledge leaders, rather than sponsors with deep pockets."
  • "The tips they give are helpful, I like that the partners themselves participate. When I need legal counsel for my start up I'll go to PC first."

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