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Netflix (Part 1)

Season 3, Episode 8

November 11, 2018
January 20, 2019

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In a world ravaged by late fees and lack of rewinding, two men from a sleepy California beach town make a stand against tyranny, daringly dethrone an evil empire and... oh who are we kidding, they just copied Amazon's business plan for books and applied it to movie rentals. But as always there is much more to the story than that! We dive into the fascinating, true, and oft-untold history of Netflix in our first two-part special on Acquired. Part 1 covers Netflix's original DVD rental business from founding to 2009, and next time on Part 2 we'll cover the (rocky) transition to streaming from 2010 to present. Buckle up for a wild ride!


Carve Outs:


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Transcript: (disclaimer: may contain unintentionally confusing, inaccurate and/or amusing transcription errors)

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