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NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang: The Complete History and Strategy

After researching Nvidia for something like 500 hours over the last two years, we flew down to Nvidia headquarters to sit down with Jensen himself. Jensen is the founder and CEO of Nvidia, the company powering this whole AI explosion.

Nvidia Part II: The Machine Learning Company (2006-2022): The Complete History and Strategy

All of this work stands on the shoulders of everything NVIDIA has done, but, Ben, what is the but? Ben: It is closed source and proprietary exclusively to NVIDIA's hardware. David: That's right.

Nvidia Part III: The Dawn of the AI Era (2022-2023): The Complete History and Strategy

Ben: Okay, Nvidia.

Nvidia Part I: The GPU Company (1993-2006): The Complete History and Strategy

Today we tell the first chapter of his and Nvidia’s incredible story. You’ll want to buckle up for this one! Links: Shoot to Kill. Episode sources. Carve Outs: Starting Strength. Elden Ring. Sponsors: Statsig. Vanta. Crusoe. Join the Slack.

Acquired | About

NVIDIA. , Berkshire Hathaway. , Spotify. , Uber, Twitter. , Atari. , Electronic Arts. , Zoom. , Mozilla. , Oaktree. , CAA. , Sequoia Capital. , and. all five Benchmark partners.

Saving the Planet with Better AI Data Centers (with Crusoe CEO Chase Lochmiller): The Complete History and Strategy

David: NVIDIA's biggest acquisition, I think, of all time that they created a few years ago. It's a huge part of their strategy now. Chase: Yup.

The Playbook: Lessons from 200+ Company Stories: The Complete History and Strategy

When you look at what NVIDIA has been doing with GPUs, it is totally fair to say that this 10X improvement in computing every five, six, and seven years, is absolutely still happening.

The Software Behind Silicon (with Synopsys Founder Aart de Geus and CEO Sassine Ghazi): The Complete History and Strategy

On our NVIDIA and TSMC episodes, we explored two components of the silicon value chain: the fabless chip companies that design chips and the foundries that manufacture them.

Generative AI in Video and the Future of Storytelling (with Runway CEO Cristobal Valenzuela): The Complete History and Strategy

We cover how they’ve gone to market with both creators and enterprises, the potential for much more radical future use cases, and the company’s recent $141m strategic raise from Google, Nvidia + Salesforce and the context of the current AI fundraising landscape

NZS Capital Part II: What’s Going on in Today’s Markets? (Plus more Semiconductors!): The Complete History and Strategy

It's something like Nvidia where we actually owned it as a resilient position for a long time.

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